IDS Borjomi Ukraine

IDS Borjomi Ukraine

    Portfolio Description

    IDS Borjomi Ukraine


    IDS Borjomi Ukraine is a leading national producer and expert on the quality of natural mineral waters that are produced in the protected regions of Ukraine and is a quality standard in accordance with the highest international standards. As well as the exclusive importer of Borjomi mineral water from Georgia to Ukraine.

    IDS Borjomi Ukraine is a Ukrainian group of companies, part of the international group of one of the largest players in the mineral water market of the CIS and Baltic countries, a leader in the category of natural bottled water. Together with IDS Borjomi Georgia (Georgia), IDS Borjomi Russia (Russia), IDS Borjomi Europe (Lithuania) is part of the IDS Borjomi International holding.

    Proyectos, implementados en cooperación con expertos DATAS Technology

    For IDS Borjomi Ukraine, the tasks in the field of business analytics and the presentation of this information to the final consumer were solved.

    Implementation of the tasks was carried out as part of the data warehouse built on the basis of MS SQL, MS power BI was used as a tool for analytics and visualization. After all, as you know, information is a new world currency. At the same time, today we are drowning in a flood of diverse information. One of the best ways to convey information to the consumer is through visualization, which draws attention to the key message.