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Xalq Bank Azerbaijan moves to Oracle FlexCube ABS with assistance from Datas Technology

Xalq Bank (Baku, Azerbaijan) is switching to the newest 14th version of the automated banking system Oracle FlexCube. The implementation project is being implemented by Datas Technology. The transition to the new software is caused both by the planned expansion of the bank’s business and the need of the Bank for a more modern functional and productive solution. The transition process will cover all 30 branches operating throughout the territory of Azerbaijan.
An important condition of the Bank is not only the expansion, but also the transfer of the existing functionality, which has been developed and implemented for many years in the previous ABS.
Credit organization Xalq Bank, a major player in the retail and corporate banking market of Azerbaijan, is experiencing a significant and rapid growth in business volumes, which is difficult without increasing the performance and functionality of the ABS.
The main purpose of introducing new software is uninterrupted automation of business processes, the number of which is rapidly increasing.
Thanks to the cooperation with Datas Technology, the bank receives a system that will allow the organization to implement all the ambitious plans for growth and development, as well as new tools to improve customer service and reduce transaction costs.

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