Many companies and organizations have a complex, geographically distributed corporate structure, a large number of information resources, operate in conditions of growing reputational risks and the ever-changing external requirements.

To ensure the information security at adequate costs the company should have an integrated approach with the use of administrative procedures, software and hardware tools and management processes at all levels of the organization.

DATAS Technology offers a range of services and solutions for cyber security:

  • Audit and security strategy development
  • Identity managment:

Identity Management Solution allows you to provide, change, withdraw the user’s right to access to different information systems automatically, centrally and in real time. This solution gives to new employees the opportunity to access all the necessary resources to perform all the tasks from the first day of work in the company. If the employee is fired, his access to the resources it is locked automatically, considerably reducing the risks of leaks of sensitive information. This system is convenient and safe and secure solution for the company.

  • Solution for cybersecurity of critical infrastructure (SCADA / ICS):

SCADA / ICS systems require special attention to information security issues, as potential cyber attacks and abuse of employees can lead to catastrophic consequences, ranging from loss of confidential information to process upsets and critical accidents. Solutions aimed at providing security for critical infrastructure, such as utility, oil, gas, urban infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, manufacturing etc.

  • Antifraud solutions:

The solution provides to financial institutions a comprehensive set of tools for the detection of fraud and effectively combat them. It monitors user behavior on the network, detects suspicious transactions, allowing financial institutions to monitor suspicious activities in real time and take action to reduce and eliminate the losses from fraud. The system is based on the RSA Transaction Monitoring database.

  • Secure access for mobile devices:

This solution is claimed by those companies for which it is important the mobility of employees, ensure high speed of decision-making and at the same time to protect company data from unauthorized access or theft. The system provides secure mobile access to information resources of the company from Android and IOS-device, a two-level user authentication, has one simple protocol and provides an isolated user environment. The platform works in such a way that the company’s data is not stored or processed on a mobile device of user, the device is used solely as a display. All information is processed exclusively on the company’s dedicated servers or in the cloud. This IT solution is widely used in the public sector and defense of Israel. The solution is based on the development Nubo Software.

  • Automatic classification and protection of information. RightsWATCH Solution:

This system uses advanced encryption, digital rights management and digital biometrics, providing access to corporate data and systems to authorized employees. In accordance with the company’s security procedures, RightsWatch automatically classifies all the company’s data (documents, letters, images, etc.) using the encryption for the sensitive documents. The solution also supports BYOD and gives access to information to authorized users, regardless of where it is stored (the company’s server, PC, USB-drive, smart phone). The solution has the relatively low price and short implementation period. RightsWATCH system fits all enterprises and companies, regardless of ownership and size of the organization.

  • Safety Analysis for information protection against modern threats:

This solution provides consolidation of data from the event logs coming from thousands of devices, endpoints and applications on the network. The product performs normalization and correlation analysis to identify security threats and uses an advanced gear Sense Analytics to identify normal behavior anomaly detection and advanced threat detection and removal of false positive results. The solution is built on the IBM QRadar SIEM.

  • The solution for the protection of confidential and proprietary information from accidental or malicious leakage:

The solution prevents data leakage, by analyzing the content, context and direction of data, allowing administrators to control who can send the information, what information is allowed to be sent ,to whom it may be addressed and in what ways forwarded.

  • Masking Data:

Data Masking provides the ability to mask sensitive data during system testing and development. Typically, development and testing of applications involves the alienation of the information contained in corporate systems. Data Masking implements an irreversible process of replacing sensitive data related to real, but incorrect data based on masking rules and ensures that the original data cannot be retrieved, recovered or restored. This solution ensures data integrity, compliance with laws and improving the quality of developed applications.

  • Audit and protection of databases:

Database Security Solution is designed to protect sensitive data in different databases. It provides comprehensive visibility into usage, permissions and vulnerabilities. Database Security reflect all aspects of the database security requirements and safety standards by using audit mechanisms and prevent attacks in real time without impacting performance and availability database. Layered architecture allows you to scale security solution for large database installations.