Enterprise applications development


The digital transformation of the business changes the requirements for corporate applications. The pace of change of the business environment is already significantly ahead of the changes of traditional IT systems, so new tools and development methods are needed.

DATAS Technology offers to clients the development and implementation services of enterprise applications. Experts of DATAS Technology develop the enterprise applications by using the Low-code OutSystems platform, which fully meets current business requirements and is recognized as one of the best platforms in the world (for example: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms 2017, Gartner Magic Quadrant for the High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service 2017, Forrester: Low-Code Development Platforms 2017):

Low-code OutSystems platform is:

  • Rapid development.

Thanks to the visual design of applications and the reuse of already developed objects, the average development time is accelerated by 40-75% compared with traditional tools. Platform supports Agile and Waterfall. The development of user interfaces uses modern themes and their modification through cascading styles (CSS).

  • Reduce the costs for the customer.

Only a few specialists are required to support and/or to modify the application. Due to the fact that the application code is presented in visual form, the Customer does not depend on one team of developers and one technology.

  • The same tools for Web and Mobile applications.

The modern, flexible application interface is equally convenient for both widescreen monitors and mobile devices. In addition, there is the ability to create native mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems, which can work in both on-line and off-line modes.

  • Integration.

The OutSystems development platform supports all modern methods of integration between systems: Web services (SOAP and REST) ​​and adapters to the most common DBMS. For many well-known corporate systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, there are ready-made integration solutions.

  • Scalability and productivity.

Today, more than 600 corporate clients use the OutSystems platform for their applications. Platform’s technologies and its architecture make it easy to scale solutions. For example, one European insurance company uses applications in more than 1000 of its divisions in 16 countries.

  • Standard technologies and security.

The applications may be deployed both in cloud environments and in a private data center. Due to the fact that standard technologies are used to develop applications and deploy them in the corporate infrastructure, the client is not depends on proprietary solutions and ecosystems. Applications can be disconnected from the platform and deployed on standard servers. The security environment for development and applications is provided by different ways that include: user authentication and distribution of authority, secure data transmission channels, malicious code injection in user interface prevention, performance auditing, and DDoS sustainability.