Production companies


DATAS Technology specializes in the provision of complex IT services and is a technical partner for large businesses and production companies.

We offer solutions and expertise in process automation, software development, system integration, security, reliable operation of IT infrastructures and Big Data analytics.

Solutions for large businesses and production companies:

  • Systems integration.
  • Budgeting systems.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Corporate antivirus.
  • System of productivity support of users of corporate software.
  • Front-office and CRM systems.
  • Back-office systems.
  • Development of corporate applications.
  • Testing of corporate applications.
  • Stores of unstructured information.

System integration and complex consulting services of DATAS Technology

  • Consulting services for developing an information systems integration strategy and building a service-oriented architecture (SOA) at the enterprise.
  • Implementation of integration projects of any complexity: both using industrial platforms from world market leaders (Oracle, IBM) and open source software (JBoss ESB, Mule ESB, Talend ESB).
  • Analysis of integration projects and determination of the most optimal approaches for solving integration problems.

Get the Opportunity to Achieve Your Business Goals!

  • Effective use of all information systems and data sources.
  • Flexible, easily modified integration processes.
  • Saving of previous investments in existing systems.
  • Reducing the time and cost of integration projects.
  • Reducing the cost of maintenance and support of information systems.

Benefits of cooperation with DATAS Technology:

  • We offer the whole range of works: from the development of the concept of the future solution to its support during industrial operation.
  • Our solutions are based on the products of world market leaders and allow solving integration problems of any complexity without being tied to end systems or equipment;
  • Professional performance of work by a team of qualified specialists with experience in implementation of similar projects in Ukraine and EMEA.

Optimization of the budget management process

Savings are achieved through:

  • significant reduction of planning time;
  • increasing planning accuracy (possibility of daily adjustments and updating);
  • automation of execution control and plan / fact analysis;
  • 100% control by the management at all stages of the budget process.

Complex information security system (IS)

The service includes:

  • Audit and management of the company’s security level.
  • Management of accounts and access rights.
  • Prevention of financial fraud (Antifraud).
  • Secure access for mobile devices.
  • Security analytics to protect information from modern threats.
  • Solution for protecting confidential and proprietary information from accidental or intentional leakage.

Technical support for corporate software users

DATAS Technology in partnership with Epilogue company presents an electronic system for supporting the productivity of corporate software users.

Tasks we solve:

  • Low user learning or ineffective learning at business applications.
  • Insufficient documentation of software from suppliers.
  • Undocumented changes during implementation.
  • Low curve graphics of user learning.
  • Low transfer level of knowledge from business process experts to end users.
  • Errors, omissions and revisions due to poor knowledge of end users.

We apply best practices and tools to ensure quality control

While developing quality control systems, we use:

  • Functional API testing (SoapUI, JUnit, REST Assured).
  • Load API testing (JMeter, SoapUI).
  • UI testing of web-applications (Selenium WebDriver).
  • BDD approach to tests ‘writing (Cucumber, JBehave).
  • Automation and integration with с CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab).