Division of DATAS Technology on implementation of banking systems and technologies is a skilled, experienced and reliable partner for any Bank.

The team consists of more than 100 experts and with the experience and knowledge in implementation, integration and maintenance of Core-banking systems, banking reporting, analytical applications, banking back-office systems, as well as other solutions for the needs of banks. The team consists of experienced and qualified consultants, business analysts, developers and project managers.

DATAS Technology works closely with Oracle Financial Services and is a Platinum Partner of Oracle. Oracle FLEXCUBE Customer Support Center operates for DATAS Technology customers.

Experts of DATAS Technology provide:

  • take part in the localization and adaptation solutions for local markets to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities
  • data migration
  • integration
  • a full cycle of implementation of Oracle FLEXCUBE on «turnkey» basis
  • first level support services in 24/7

Why Oracle FLEXCUBE?

Modern banks has the complex IT systems. Over time, the IT systems become obsolete, the self-created systems consume too much time to maintain.

What are the main problems associated with outdated IT systems?

  • decentralized automated banking systems, which leads to high costs due to the huge amount of IT maintenance staff
  • product/user-oriented banking system. As the result a poor interaction with the customer, the lack of of cross-selling, the lack of quality of customer data, etc outdated business processes
  • lack of financial and sales instruments and lack of customer service
  • inefficient use of information technologies

Thus, banks have to contend daily with these problems, spending time, human and financial resources, losing in the strategic planning and development.

The introduction of a modern banking system Oracle FLEXCUBE and building of effective business processes brings the bank to the next level and gives a competitive advantages. The main benefits are:

  • the customer-oriented system. Quality control and completeness of customer data with the 360°view
  • centralization of the systems and processes with standardized business processes and the ability to provide rapid geographic expansion
  • full range of sales tools and customer service (cross-selling, individual tariff models, product lines for customer groups, etc.). Improving the competitive position.
  • reduction of the IT costs