Financial institutions


DATAS Technology is a leader in the market of the provision of integrated information and consulting services in the financial sector.

We specialize in solutions for process automation, development, integration, reliable operation of data centers, IT- infrastructures and Big Data analytics for corporations, holdings, banks, insurance, financial companies.

Completed projects:

  • Automated banking systems.
  • Internet banking systems.
  • Data warehouses.
  • CRM systems.
  • IDM systems.
  • Big data.
  • Support systems of decision-making.
  • Back-office (ERP) systems.

Our clients – leaders of financial sector

For the largest banks in Ukraine and the CIS countries DATAS Technology experts have implemented solutions that fully meet their business goals.

Automated banking systems (ABS)

We have implemented:

  • IT-audit of information systems, including ABS.
  • Turnkey implementation of ABS, including:
    • examinations;
    • customization / development of functionality;
    • integration;
    • data migration;
    • employee training;
    • follow-up support of a complex solution.
  • Migration to new versions of the ABS.

Implementation of CRM systems based on Siebel

We have implemented:

  • CRM for retail business.
  • CRM for the corporate direction of the banking business.
  • Marketing, sales and customer service processes, taking into account the specifics of the banking sector.
  • Channels of communication with clients:
    • call-center;
    • website;
    • chat;
    • SMS;
    • messengers.
  • Integration of CRM with BI for creation of online analytics (360 View) for clients, managers, etc.
  • Implementation of Internet banking systems, both as part of the comprehensive implementation of the ABS, and as a separate product with the implementation of all necessary integration mechanisms.

Security projects for companies of financial sector

We offer:

  • Protection of financial institutions from fraudulent activities and financial crimes.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Corporate antivirus.

We have deep expertise in building IAM systems (Identity and Access Management), both based on commercial Oracle software (IGS) and based on open source solutions such as Open IAM, Forgerock:

  • creation of role models of access;
  • automation of the life cycle of account management (create, change, disconnect);
  • automation, providing access to target systems based on the developed role mode;
  • single sign-on realization (SSO);
  • implementation of access control (authentication, authorization, audit).

Big Data based on ThetaRay software

In big data projects, we use unsupervised and deep machine learning algorithms that work with data models that were previously developed by us and patented by ThetaRay.

This system analyzes operational and security anomalies at one time in multiple environments, systems and protocols, integrates into existing workflows and systems.

Our implementation:

  • systems for countering financial crimes in the banking sector;
  • counteracting fraud in channels of remote customer service and internal operations;
  • countering money laundering from illegal means.

Building of corporate data warehouses for banks and insurance companies

  • Design of storage. We offer a solution using ready-made data storage models based on Teradata, as well as our own development of the storage structure design.
  • Implementation of mechanisms for loading data from source systems using ETL from different vendors (Oracle, Informatica).
  • Audit, maintenance and optimization of existing storages.

Implementation of Manager Decision Module support systems in the banking sector, based on FICO OMDM

We have built automatic decision-making systems that fully automate the decision to issue a loan, that significantly reduces the influence of the human factor in decision-making and helps to improve the quality of the loan portfolio.

Back office processes optimization products for the core business of banking and insurance companies

  • Optimization.
  • Automation.
  • Implementation of ERP-system (Oracle).
  • Implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite – ERP (Oracle).

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