Small, medium businesses and startups


Datas Technology provides services for the implementation of the cloud-based software Oracle NetSuite for small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, as well as technical support after the system goes live.

Datas Technology solutions for small and medium businesses:

The usage of NetSuite allows:

  • Systemize, streamline the company’s business processes.
  • Make management accounting for companies.
  • Make the consolidation of financial data for a group of companies in the presence of an extensive organizational structure.

The client’s offices can be located in different countries, but the functionality and settings in NetSuite allow you to combine offices in the system into uniform vectors, using, if necessary, the differentiation of access to data

For client’s request we make an integration:

  • with accounting systems;
  • systems for document management in the company;
  • integration with banks and payment systems to reduce the processing time for bank statements;
  • HR systems.

Also, if necessary, you can make the revision of forms and processes, create new processes and optimize the company’s work by reducing the set of applications that are used.

The implementation process consists of several classical stages — from analyzing existing processes, building a solution, to writing a user manual for future users of the system in terms of processes.

NetSuite team in Datas Technology

There are certified professionals with successful experience of NetSuite implementation for iDeals, Deviget LLC, Speed Logistics Marine, Ironspace Inc here. Сlients from different industries and business have achieved their desired KPIs using NetSuite and achieved their goals.

DATAS Technology is a distributor of SentinelOne antivirus solution in Ukraine

It’s a corporate antivirus solution that combines EPP (endpoint protection) and EDR (endpoint detection and response) components, based on mathematical algorithms, to protect businesses from zero-day malwares and advanced persistent threat attacks.

Key Benefits of SentinelOne:

  • Functionality for solving all EPP and EDR tasks in large companies from various sectors.
  • Capabilities that allow to use SentinelOne as the primary and only platform for protecting advanced attack detection endpoints, cybersecurity incident response and detailed analysis.
  • SentinelOne is designed to replace an old antivirus solution that showed ineffectiveness against current threats.
  • Object analysis based on artificial intelligence (machine learning and mathematical algorithms) without signatures and sandboxes is the only anti-virus technology that actually works against zero-day malwares today.

Platform capabilities:

  • Deployed in the cloud or completely on-premise.
  • Antivirus does not need regular updates.
  • The solution is deployed during 15 minutes and does not need significant resources.
  • Antivirus and EDR SentinelOne solution occupies a leading position.