Internet banking and mobile banking are the inherent parts of the services of a modern bank.

Experts of DATAS Technology provide services to implement solutions for mobile and internet banking, based on Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking, including integration with third-party systems, configuring the system to the requirements of the Bank, launching and first level support. The team consists of consultants and developers with experience in implementation and support of alternative sales channels.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking is a single platform for support and management of the following channels: Web Internet banking, Mobile banking and SMS banking. The platform allows to use the different approaches to channels. Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking allows you to define different roles, a set of functionality, rights of the profile, categories of customers for each channel.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking offers a wide range of transactions and functions that cover the needs of the modern customer. The system has the simple and intuitive interface both for the Web and mobile banking. Mobile banking includes applications for iPad, iPhone and smart phones.

The key features of Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking are:

  • individual and intuitive web-based interface
  • individual monitoring of costs
  • independent management of funds in the account
  • targeted advertising and offers
  • reliable platform for large multinational and multi-brand banks

The key benefits of Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking are:

  • ools for banks for the Generation Y customers
  • clients have single sing-in and manage their own funds on the account through the web-interface tools
  • on-line customer account statements
  • one platform for different groups of users with a high level of security

The product catalog of bank is modified and expanded time to time, which requires the revision of each channel separately. In the case of Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking it is enough to build the business logic and the template for a specific transaction, apply them on the server, and the new product/transaction will be available in each channel automatically, without the need to reinstall for clients the mobile or Web applications. Platform owner (the bank) has the set of special tools which give them the opportunities to make the improvements or development of channels.

The platform has tools for the integration with other financial systems, for instance: Card Processing System, with the providers of utility bills, CRM.