The financial industry is one of the most dynamic sector of the economy in majority of countries and, at the same time, it is one of the advanced industries in terms of information technology.

Historically, a modern bank uses a lot of information systems: the core-banking system, CRM-system, system for the cards, retail subsystem, scoring and credit systems, control systems for Central Bank and Forex transactions, etc.

These systems and subsystems are in general poorly integrated and use various catalogues and classifiers. Information about the financial transactions carried out in the accounting systems of the bank, is significant in volume. Most of accounting systems do not store historical information.

The huge amount of information systems and data makes it very difficult to obtain consistent and reliable information necessary for an objective analysis of the Bank, operational calculation of key indicators to support decision-making and, ultimately, effective business management.

In that case the solution for the bank is to create a data warehouse as a single source of reliable data. Having a data warehouse with a well-defined data model that contains historical information, managers and bank analysts have access to coherent, balanced information, they can perform calculations of the efficiency of the bank, predict and plan for financial and other indicators. The use of analytical applications for the calculation of transfer prices and self-cost, profitability management and risk management, allows to solve quickly the tactical problems and draw up strategic plans for the future.

DATAS Technology has a team of professionals with broad experience in:

  • implementation of the projects on the basis of data warehousing products Teradata, Oracle
  • introduction of analytical applications – Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA), including such modules as:
    • Profitability Manager,
    • Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP),
    • Asset and Liability Management (ALM),
    • Risk Management
  • implementation of systems for management analytical reporting using Oracle BI tools