Front-office and CRM-systems


Oracle Siebel CRM is one of the most popular solutions in the world of professional CRM for financial institutions and large companies to automate the processes of product sales, servicing, design and execution of marketing campaigns. It provides the Company with ample opportunities for analysis of existing information.

DATAS Technology has the many years of expertise in the area of CRM based on Oracle Siebel:

  • automation of sales for products and packages of products in the retail business and SMB using standardized processes and schemes of work with clients in a “single window” (all operations are carried out in one system).
  • construction of a single customer’s profile, consolidation of all the key information about the history of the relationship with the customer in CRM-system, quality management of customer data
  • implementation of the “loan pipeline” technology for the processing of loan applications (POS-, CASH-loans, credit cards, car loans and mortgages) in the retail and SMB.
  • implementation of the high-tech front-office solutions for sales and servicing of card products in offices and contact center, including integration with back-office systems and card processing.
  • implementation of effective contact centers for inbound and outbound communication for retail and universal banks
  • implementation a CRM-systems for corporate banks, including the implementation of the credit application review process (from the identification of funding needs up to deciding by collective bodies)
  • implementation a CRM-systems for the investment banking business
  • management of communications with customers. Time management of client managers
  • motivation of client’s managers. The calculation of compensation payments.
  • planning and execution of marketing campaigns in different channels
  • the introduction of an analytical CRM (data warehouses, customer behavior analysis technology, segmentation, creation of personalized offers)

The modular structure of solutions enables organizations to select only the features they need and carry out the implementation in stages, gradually increasing the possibility of the CRM-system.