Electronic performance support system


DATAS Technology Company in the partnership with Epilogue Company presents the Electronic Performance Support System – EpilogueSystems.

EpilogueSystems enables end user adoption and proficient use of your key software systems with the easiest, most cost effective EPS platform for the creation of end user training, support and help for any application. Result: lower costs and more effective end user adoption.

The challenges we address:

  • Low or ineffective end user adoption of enterprise applications
  • Insufficient end user documentation from the software vendor
  • Undocumented changes made to applications during implementation.
  • Steep learning curves for end users that hampers productivity and efficiency
  • Poor knowledge transfer from business process experts to end users
  • Errors, omissions and rework due to lower than required end user proficiency

Epilogue EPS Platform.

A fully integrated platform to create, manage and deliver EPS content for any Windows or Web-based application. Requires no integrations, API’s or hooks into your applications. Installation and training in 1-3 days. The platform is comprised of:

  • EpilogueAuthor.

Automated content capture and creation of end user training, support and help content, in multiple languages and outputs. Works as a Microsoft Word add-in, complementing Author’s powerful yet simple features with the familiarity and power of Microsoft Word functionality.

  • Epilogue Publisher.

Centralized web based system administration for content management, quality assurance review and approval workflow, monitoring and reporting.

  • Epilogue Advisor.

Real-time, in-application Electronic Performance Support. Delivers context-sensitive help to your users as they work. Virtually effortless for end-users to get the help they need, when they need it.


  • Simplicity.

As a Microsoft Word add-in, we are simple to learn and use. Expands your options for content creation, allowing your subject matter experts, or key users, to be authors, too.

  • Collaboration.

Our workflow engine drives down cycle times in the review and approval process and facilitates on-going content monitoring and maintenance.

  • Efficiency.

Speeds the creation and distribution of documentation and online help, with controls at each stage of the process.

  • Cost reduction and Financial return:
  • Reduce documentation time up to 90%.
  • Reduce training time up to 50%.
  • Reduced help desk volume up to 40%.
  • Most competitive pricing creates best price/value on the market.
  • Improve ROI potential of your key software investments by eliminating those user adoption and proficiency issues that undermine your systems.
  • ffective outcomes:
  • Simple and efficient knowledge transfer.
  • Higher sustainable end user proficiency.
  • Increase application compliance and lower risk or errors, omissions, rework.

About Epilogue Systems.

Launched in 1998, now on V8.3, over 450 deployments worldwide. On-site or hosted. EpilogueSystems has Ukrainian and Russian localizations.