Big Data analytics


Big amounts of information that companies generate today explains their high demand for big data analytics. Big Data technologies help businesses find solutions, predict problems and increase profitability.

DATAS Technology team offers big data analytics, management and protection services for financial institutions, production companies and retail.

Our specialists have experience in project implementation:

  • Countering fraudulent activities in the remote banking channel.
  • Combating fraudulent activities in the internal operations of banks.
  • Anti-money laundering.
  • Prompt decision-making when granting loans.

Identify signs of illegal activity quickly!

The solution based on ThetaRay Financial Crime Platform and our expertise enables anti-fraud analysts, compliance professionals and risk managers to identify first warning signs of fraudulent behavior in all areas of the business promptly.

Our IT solutions are developed by our team of experts integrate to existing enterprise workflows and systems and provide support for a variety of users — from data scientists to business analysts. The platform simultaneously analyzes operational and security anomalies in multiple environments, systems and protocols.

Project implementation consists of following stages:

  • A customer data review and developing an appropriate data model.
  • Loading of client’s data into the system.
  • Development and calculation of indicators required to identify anomalies in the client’s data sets.
  • System training.
  • Identification of anomalies in customer data, their clustering and classification.
  • Generation of alerts about possible threats, based on data uploaded to the system in real time or at a frequency specified by the client.

The system is able to detect anomalies in big data stores in any area, the analysis of which is required by the customer.

The solutions are developed on the basis of this system can be applied in the international markets of financial institutions, industry, aviation business, and by providers of critical infrastructure.

Manager Decision Module

FICO®Origination Manager Decision Module is a business rules management system based on the FICO® Blaze Advisor® module. The Decision Module is a powerful platform for creating, testing, support and rapidly deploying critical lending strategies. An intuitive interface allows business users to independently create and modify rules without IT coding.

The result of using the module is the speed increase and risk reduction in the development and implementation of the credit policy and the constant development of more profitable strategies.