Budgetary control is used as means of controlling the financial and resource performance of the company.

In case the strategy of the company is connected with budget execution and control, it guides to the achieving the objectives of the company.

When the budget management process is carried out without the specialized automation tools…

Companies face the following problems:

  • the considerable amount of staff involved in planning is engaged in an endless creation of tables (consolidation, mixing versions, preparing reports for management)
  • forecasting tools are not available to provide a more accurate planning
  • the time-consuming process of adjusting the budget and the budget model and, as a result, the sacrificed accuracy of planning
  • there is no operational plan/fact analysis, or if present, it is done in broad strokes and does not give a complete picture

The following conditions can make the budget management process effective:

  • methodology and tools that allow to link the strategic goals with measurable resource and financial performance (through KPI)
  • usage of bottom-up and top-down approaches while planning
  • control of budgets and approval according to the results achieved
  • Ability to make adjustments in the plan data and methodology of the overall planning quickly and with minimal effort

DATAS Technology offers the customers a solution for the budget management based on Oracle Hyperion Planning, which is one of the leading automation budget management systems. Having years of experience of executed projects and the team of experts in the field of Oracle Hyperion Planning, DATAS Technology guarantees that the result of our joint work will be a significant optimization of the budget management.

Savings are achieved through:

  • a significant reduction in terms of planning (in many times)
  • an increase of the accuracy of planning – the ability to daily correct and as a result get always the actual plan and the possibility to demand its fulfillment
  • automation of the control of performance and plan/fact analysis
  • a 100% control by management at all stages of the budget process

Key benefits of Oracle Hyperion Planning are the following:

  • developed mechanisms for controlling of budget management
  • easy, intuitive interface
  • high performance and scalability of the system
  • powerful data analysis tools – the standard package includes means of analytical and regulatory reporting
  • integration with external systems

DATAS Technology team is:

  • team of experts certified for Oracle Hyperion products
  • DATAS Technology is a Platinum a partner of Oracle (including specialization Oracle Hyperion)