EGAR Technology has completed the first stage of introduction into National Standard Commercial Bank EGAR Focus trading and financial risk management systems, intended for automation of investment operations during operation in financial markets.

EGAR Focus platform modules for support of operations with stocks, bonds, promissory notes and interbank lending market operations have been introduced into the work of the Bank. EGAR Connect Integration Gateway has provided the connection of the Bank’s information systems to external resources – the platform of the MICEX exchange and Reuters and Bloomberg online trading systems. It also has become the basis for an integrated solution within the Bank for through front-to-back support of business processes across departments, related to investment activities, including Treasury.

The scope of delivery according to the contract also included EGAR Focus functionality for exchange and OTC transactions in the FX market and EGAR LimitsManager limits control system. Implementation of these modules will be continued within the framework of the next stage.

Chief Financial Officer of National Standard Commercial Bank Dmitry Ladikov-Royev notes: “Functional capabilities of automation solutions for investment operations on EGAR Focus platform fully meet our expectations. EGAR Technology specialists performed the design work on a high professional and organizational level. From a technological point of view, the outcome of the EGAR Technology project has become the construction of EGAR Connect platform based unified IT landscape, combining the investment banking division systems into a single information environment, and taking into account the specifics of the investment business.”

Director of EGAR Technology Department of investment activities automation Armen Shakhnazaryan commented: “Since 2002 throughout the entire period of its existence National Standard Commercial Bank has been demonstrating positive trends in key business indicators, being a notable player in the Russian market for financial services on the federal scale. We are grateful to the Bank management for the opportunity to support as a technological partner the high business standards and the dynamic growth of this credit institution and thank all the participants of the project from the Bank for cooperation.”

EGAR Focus is an integrated solution, which is designed for the valuation of financial instruments, monitoring of positions, profit and losses calculations, limits control and risk management. The system supports almost all existing financial instruments, including derivatives, input and processing of trade operations both on the exchange and interbank financial markets.

EGAR Connect is an integration platform designed to organize and unify the exchange of data between the information systems of the customer, providing automation of investment operations. The platform also provides the access to external trading systems and sources of exchange data, acting as a multifunctional gateway.

About National Standard Commercial Bank

National Standard Commercial Bank was established in October 2002. National Standard Commercial Bank LLC has been issued General License for banking operations № 3421 on October 28, 2013 due to extension of its activities.

National Standard Commercial Bank LLC provides a wide range of banking services, including all types of banking operations and is actively developing business investment. The priorities of National Standard Bank are the development of cooperation with large and medium-sized corporate clients, retail business development and active expansion of the product line of financial services.

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