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Speed ​​Logistics Marine chooses NetSuite!
Daniel Karam, Speed ​​Logistics Marine Director: “We chose Oracle's NetSuite because it met our expectations for a flexible system that fits well with our business processes. NetSuite’s multi-department capabilities will definitely make our organization more efficient. It was important for us that the technology seamlessly integrates with our other systems. In addition, NetSuite has met our requirements for an innovative and shipping-oriented business.

ThetaRay, a leading provider of artificial intelligence-based big data analytics, has signed an agreement under which Banco Santander will use ThetaRay's anti-money laundering (AML) solution for correspondent banking operations. The system will analyze SWIFT traffic, risk indicators, and Know Your Customer (KYC) data to identify anomalies that indicate money laundering schemes in the relevant banking operations. The deployment of the solution began in the fourth quarter of 2019 and will be implemented globally over the next months.


The DATAS Technology project team successfully completed and put into operation the first phase of the project within a short time to create a single Portal platform for centralized provision of banking services electronically through the mechanism of personal offices in the Oschad Bank JSC.


The project team of DATAS Technology experts, given many years of experience, completed the project and put it into industrial operation in a very short time.

The developed system is built on microservice architecture and implements the following functionality:

• Exchange of information registers from the Ministry of Social Policy and creation of databases of subsidy beneficiaries and service providers

• Accrual of subsidies / benefits to recipients

• Registry processing from service providers according to established priorities

We are pleased to inform you that SentinelOne is developing a new functionality, IoT Detection and Response or millet Ranger, which is scheduled to be released in early March.
Every day the number of IoT devices is increasing, and in most of them there is no protection. At the moment, corporate security services are not able to deploy software on these devices, which leads to a complete lack of awareness and the ability to conduct an accurate inventory of the network.

The project team has set up a number of processes in the system according to customer requirements, which allows at the moment to quickly, conveniently and in a single system to conduct all the financial activities of the company.


The 12A SOA SUITE migration project was implemented by a team of Datas Technology experts.

The project was completed in a timely manner, taking into account the Bank's strategic plans.

The project also reengineered and optimized the processes already implemented, and developed new functionality.

Xalq Bank (Baku, Azerbaijan) is switching to the newest 14th version of the automated banking system Oracle FlexCube. The implementation project is being implemented by Datas Technology. The transition to the new software is caused both by the planned expansion of the bank’s business and the need of the Bank for a more modern functional and productive solution. The transition process will cover all 30 branches operating throughout the territory of Azerbaijan.

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